As an international leading design practice, ASPECT Studios is keenly aware of the importance of play experiences that children have and the effect that this has on their development and quality of life.

Children learn best through play, developing an understanding of complex relationships between people, objects, forces and the consequences of various actions by playing imaginatively, with manipulable elements. It is well known that children develop their strength, agility and balance through physical play to become capable adults.

Our approach to designing playgrounds is based on trying to provide the best environments in which children will have fun, develop skills and socialise. This approach has been tested and deployed on a numerous projects by our studios in Adelaide, Melbourne, Shanghai and Sydney.

We would like to share our expertise and insights on children’s play by our most experienced design directors who have dedicated more than 20 years of experience into children’s play. This forum is an unique opportunity to have a dialogue with our design leaders on creating an inspiring and innovative children’s place. Please follow the link below to complete the pre-registration. Only 200 seats are available for this forum which will be held in mid-September.